About Me


I started my career in IT Industry in 2004. I got trained in Microsoft technologies and was assigned to Microsoft Corporation as a contractor. My first project was in testing. I later moved in to support and then to development in Microsoft. I worked extensively in Microsoft BI (SSIS/SSAS) there.

In 2007, I left the job and moved to Kolkata to work for IBM. I worked as a developer using DataStage as an ETL tool. I was involved in creating an asset for IBM which leverages IBM Banking Data Warehouse (BDW) model to generate plug-and-play DataStage code. It was a small team of 3, working for extended periods of time to understand the model and generate custom code. This work gave me a lot of insight on how to read a data model, create a source-target mapping, coding, and testing. I got to know all aspects of the deliverables that a project would require and how best to maintain them.

I then moved to the US to work for a big pharma giant. I stayed in Chicago for 2.5 years and then moved to New Jersey for another 1.5 years, working for a big financial firm.

I came back to India and again called to the UK to work as a data modeller for another UK-based retail bank and from there I moved to head a project for a UK-based corporate bank.

I moved back to India during my daughter’s birth in 2013 and stayed in India. I took up small assignments in Switzerland, Singapore, Malaysia, Bangkok, and Vietnam for smaller banks and insurance, providing consulting and architecture services and heading different delivery accounts.

From 2007 to date, I am working with IBM India. This turned out to be a long journey!

I have been working mostly in the banking and insurance industry and fully in the BI domain. I have gained a lot of experience working with the top minds across the globe. I have noticed some lack of information on various topics which I am trying to address here. I hope to give back to the community some quality information that is easy to understand and makes people up-to-speed in less time.

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professional certification level 2 master certified solution architect 1
Open Group Certified Master Solution Architect
architect profession certification level 2
IBM Level2 Certified Architect (Expert)