About Us

We are a team of IT professionals working on BI, data analytics, python, spring, information architecture, data modelling and various other streams. We are united in the common goal of being cloud enthusists.

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Our Story

We are a group of friends working in IT industry for more than a decade. Though we have experiences in different facets of IT industry, we are united by our passion of cloud technologies.
During our certification journey, we came across many courses and mock exams and were frustrated by the lack of proper method to tackle the exams.
The material and mock exams were not time bound, they were pricey and some had outright incorrect answers. To alleviate this problem, we started with this site.
Our motto is to provide quality content with minimal pricing so everyone can afford quality study material.

We would love to hear your feedback  at itcoolie.in@gmail.com

What Our Students Have to Say

I was struggling to get mock test questions from different sites. None of them provide simulations like ITCoolie does. I know that without ITCoolie tests, I would not have succeded in the exam.
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Arvind Bodgari
From Hyderabad
I am an experienced AWS developer, but could not pass ITCoolie tests for the first time. I knew the answers but the time overran. It’s absolutely important to practice ITCoolie tests to succeed.
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Katherina Calvert
From Australia
The time simulated sets of ITCoolie did the trick for me. It’s the time pressure that gets you and unless I took the ITCoolie simulations, I would have not cleared the exam. Thanks ITCoolie.
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David Lee
From New York
Absolutely value for money! I got almost all questions from ITCoolie question sets. The exam was a breeze and I finished with a smile, cause I knew the outcome. Great job guys!
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Mark Frazier
From London, UK