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Test your AWS Certified Solution Architect 2020 Skills. Take this free online assessment now…

  • Time-boxed approach
  • Practical Questions
  • Check your preparedness
  • 15 Questions within 30 minutes

IT Coolie presents the most well researched and extensive online test simulation for AWS Certified Solution Architect-Associate Exam. Take this short exam for free and get the feel of your preparedness for the certification.

What is the common Problem with AWS certifications

Lot of our friends working in AWS projects had one complain for the test, and that is – Not Enough Time!

Amazon Certified Solution Architect – Associate tests are of 140 minutes (2 hours, 20 minutes) and comprises of around 65 questions. That’s around 2 minutes for a question with 10 minutes of revision time. It includes reading the question carefully, understanding the key objective of the question and answer properly. This is often a problem if you are not prepared to use the time effectively.

You know the answer, and given the time, you are certain that you would choose the correct answer, but time runs out and you have not completed the exam. So, you have to re-take the exam again and that is a loss of $150!

Why should you take this course?

ITCoolie bridges the gap by providing you with ample simulated time stipulated exams so that you are prepared to take the test and succeed at the first try! Take as many number of retires of the exam here in ITCoolie and measure yourself. ITCoolie provides you with helpful links so you can rectify your mistakes. Once you are ready, go take the exam and you can be sure to pass the certification exam.