Hackolade tips and tricks – How to import a model in Hackolade

In this section of short tutorials, we will discuss about how we can import a data model in Hackolade. You should follow the following steps –

  1. Open Hackolade, go to ‘Open Model’
  2. Select a JSON model and select ‘Open’.

Following is a diagram of how it looks –

Hackolade Open Menu
Import a JSON file

There is an option of ‘Reverse Engineer target’ in Hackolade as well. This helps to create a hackolade native model out of an existing target database, like MongoDB or Amazon Glue. There are fare variation of plugins available like parquet or swagger which you can download and use.

There is also some option to reverse engineer a DDL or a excel template, which is easy to use. If you get a warning as ‘There are no documents to be imported’, then check your brackets and semicolons are in correct order and the syntaxes are right. You can read more about the reverse engineering in Hackolade by following this link.

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