Nowadays, technical eminence is one of the hot topics in discussion in all forward-thinking companies. you might wonder what technical eminence is and whether you should start thinking about having something that fancy! well, this article tries to provide you with an understanding and a roadmap toward technical eminence.

What is Technical Eminence?

Technical eminence simply means the ability to be distinguished, to stand-out from the crowd. This is achieved by accumulating and sharing a currency, called value. To put in layman’s terms, technical eminence is the technical value you create as a professional.

The value which you create should not be hoarded by yourself. As you earn money and invest them in various plans to make them grow, you must invest your technical value in different forums to let people know your value.

since I am talking from a professional’s angle, I shall extend the definition to some social values as well to create a 360⁰ view of the persona.   

As a professional, you have to divide your focus into broad 2 categories. Those are ‘Inside the company’ and ‘Outside the company’. Depending upon your level, exposure, and years of experience, some opportunities might not be available to you, but keep an eye for them and jump on the first opportunity.

Literally, the word eminence means the quality of standing out. In our context, it means the quality of standing out in your profession. To be eminent means to be, and to be recognized as, among the best.

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Prepare yourself

I have already compared value as a currency. To start your investment program, you need seed money. In this article, that currency is your technical knowledge. You must possess some technical knowledge that is valuable to others, or you must learn some. This is the preparation stage. I know some of you might not be in a challenging project, might be stuck in some boring work, but convert that to opportunity. If it is boring, then learn something new, if it’s repetitive, then think about automation. if your job doesn’t challenge you then learn a new skill. once you have the currency to trade, then start looking for the following opportunities.

Building Eminence Inside your Organization

In this section, we will focus on what you can do inside your organization. Most of the top-tier companies will have some level of scope for these opportunities. If your company don’t have, then ask your manager about them. Put the idea on their head so they can also present the idea to their senior management. Raise your voice in the company’s town hall/all-hand meeting. Ask how you can build your technical eminence inside the organization and what ways the company can support you. Don’t be afraid. Organizations love those who show initiative.

Organize/Participate in Brown Bag Sessions

Brown bag aka lunch and learn sessions are very common in the companies. Generally, they are organized in small groups, often among your project teams. If there is a problem faces by multiple team members or teams and someone creates a solution, then they are encouraged to share them in these lunch sessions. If you have solved such a problem or created a policy or procedure, then ask your team lead/project manager to organize a session. It might be a team meeting as well.

This is the time when your name is recognized across teams.

Help Colleagues

You know something which your friend does not. Help him out. Remember, there will be something which your friend knows but you don’t. Helping him today earns you a brownie point for tomorrow.  Aim for different internal forums, slack channels, and subscribe. Check the questions posted and try to find a solution. Post them. This is your chance to get recognized outside your project.

 Participate in Tech-Talks, Codefests

There are often tech-talks or code fests organized by your company. These are company-wide programs and are a great way to contribute. the leaders are always looking for fresh faces and are a great exposure for you to make your name known to the big shots. Build an app, automate a process, or project savings in $ value and you can win an award for yourself. You also get to meet with some great minds which will take you far.

Get Certified

Companies are now very much focused on certifications. Prepare for a certification and get yourself certified. You can also organize a brown-bag session to help people know how you succeeded, so they can get the certification as well. You thus cover points 1 and 2 as well!

Building Eminence Outside the Organization

Thus far, we have talked about you can build your technical persona inside the organization. Let us now discuss your presence in the outside world. These two should go together and you should try to build your eminence simultaneously.

Social Presence

Social presence is the most easily accessible representation of yourself. if you have heard a name, you can search on Facebook, Twitter, etc to instantly find her and get to know what kinds of posts or tweets he does. When I sit for an internal interview, I almost always search LinkedIn to find the interviewer’s interests and try to gauge the technical reach. This helps me create the first impression of my interviewer and it has helped me always.

Post your success stories in LinkedIn, share interesting articles, engage with others. Wite a well thought out bio of yourself. Showcase your interests and achievements.

A note of caution here. Do not post controversial and confidential company information. Exposing confidential company information is a violation of business conduct guidelines and may result in the termination of your job. So, be responsible and aware.

Create a GitHub Page

In recent times, companies are more interested in what you have done than what you have to say. Can you walk the walk? A smart way to build your technical eminence is to create a GitHub page and put your codes over there. You can also put your achievements there. This is searchable and a great way to get noticed when someone searches the internet with your name. You can also forward the page link to interviewers who can pull the code you have written and can build an immediate positive persona.

Write Articles to External Websites and Forums

Showcase what you have done to the whole world. This is a great way to build a rep. I remember writing a couple of articles when I had only 3 years of experience and since those were experience-driven, it generated fabulous feedback. If you are reading this article and have some articles in mind, please comment below. I want to return the favor I received a long time back and I shall share your article here.

Patent an Idea

The holy grail of technical eminence is having a patent on your name. Talk to your leaders and search the internet on what can be patented. If you have the right idea, your organization will help you start the patent process. Most organizations have some review committees and groups to help you with this. Remember that a chair with an armrest or a chair with wheels underneath was also an idea that got patented.


I have mentioned some steps which help you build your technical eminence or value in this digital world. There are several other ways that can do the same, but if you are an IT coolie such as me, these are the most common ways. Remember, when you build your eminence, your company benefits as well. It is a win-win situation and will help you in the long run as you help mankind.


  1. Very nice article !! I think keeping your profile relevant and appealing is also another key step. Replacing traditional CV or resume with a visual aid might also help. Getting informed and updated about latest technical trend is also extremely important.


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