I have been in the industry for more than 17 years now! I know I am kind of old to start something new. You may picture me as an old manager who slumps on his desk looking at project management charts and reports. Someone who tries to boss every member of the team and does not have any inkling of what’s going in the project.

Well, I had the same notion growing up in the industry and vouched I would never be that guy. So I am still technical, doing one thing or other, contributing to the project and careful not to be an overhead.

All my years, I had been in data projects, and still doing architecture, data modelling, development or combining the roles above along with leading a team or a project. I have recently done my AWS solution architect certification last year, during the pandemic. This year, my focus is on learning Python!

I have starting and going with Python for last 4 years, but never able to complete. I generally stop after completing basics, like string, numbers, and data types. This is because of various project priorities take my focus away, but I always had a soft corner for it and imagine myself writing code which does something meaningful. Coming from data background, I did not have any exposure to write complex code other than few stored procedure and SQL syntaxes.

I am now in a project which I managed to take control of. I have some leeway and free time. Hence, I want to complete my journey of python, and want to extend the knowledge to data science and machine learning.

My goal is to use python to automate day-to-day work, however mundane they may look like and gradually get into a position where I can automate or create new and creative ways to use python.

This series of blog entries are meant for documenting my journey through the magical world of python and share my thoughts and ideas.

Thanks for reading!


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